Our Approach

Living in Australia we recognize how blessed we are with abundant resources, and we are pleased to help people less fortunate.   

Our work encompasses fundraising and participating in various local and international projects to alleviate poverty and build local economy. We also provide direct financial and practical support for people in need.

Through our work we want to show people in their daily struggles that they are not forgotten, but valued and loved.    

We are open to partnering with like-minded organizations that want to make a real difference.

Where we work

Our current programs are run in Sydney, South Africa and Uganda.

Local Programs

In Sydney, we are operating two programs aimed at helping refugees, asylum seekers, individuals and families struggling to make ends meet. These are ‘The Hope Outreach’ project and the ‘Refugee Outreach Program’.

International Projects

We have recently brought to completion two projects aimed at diminishing disadvantages experienced by school children in South Africa (new classrooms for pupils) and families and communities in Uganda (Solar Power Project for a chicken farm). 

  • Thus far, we have been fortunate enough to secure funding for these projects through government subsidy and contributions by organizations and individuals. Our ability to help those in need rests largely on such generosity including the running of existing programs on an ongoing basis. 

Specific activities and outcomes of each project are detailed bellow.

We support

Through our local and international projects we support: 

• Refugee and asylum seeker families;

• Individuals and families struggling to make ends meet;

• Disadvantaged school children in Lanseria South Africa;

• Disadvantaged families and communities in Uganda.

Local Projects

A personal testimony by a beneficiary

A refugee family of four, residing in Western Sydney were expecting a baby during a serious financial crisis. The husband and father had lost his job due to COVID-19 and the family was not receiving any Centrelink payments.

The family owed $406.01 on their electricity bill and were expected to pay a rent of $455.00 per week.



The Refugee Outreach Program has been able to regularly supply this family with free rice, groceries, fruit and vegetables, financial assistance with the electricity bill and a new born welcome care pack for the baby.


The father of the family expressed his gratitude to us by saying: “I will never forget you and the help you have given to my family”.

Financial donations to Refugee Outreach Program are tax deductible. We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers. Please look at the volunteer section for further details.

Refugee Outreach Program

"Migrants are our brothers and sisters in search of a better life, far away from poverty, hunger and war." (Pope Francis)

The Refugee Outreach Program provides practical family support and advocacy for refugees, asylum seekers and new migrant families living in Sydney.  Moreover, an important aspect of the program is organization of events to affirm social, spiritual and ethnic identities, and to enhance individual and families’ capacity to function in a pluralist society. To be eligible, recipients must hold temporary protection visas or bridging visas.


Following goods and services are provided through the program:


  • Food Bank – free groceries, rice, vegetables, and fruit;
  • Community building and greater interaction through organized social gatherings;
  • Liaison support with for NDIS and Homecare funding.
Ways to support us

Hope Outreach Program

Hope Outreach provides practical and social support to individuals and families living in Sydney.

If you or your family are experiencing hardship and hold either a pension card, health care card or concession card, you are eligible to receive this support.

Following goods and services are offered through the program:  

  • Grocery items at a reduced price;
  • Organized social gatherings which includes a free meal;
  • End of the year Christmas celebrations; 
  • Access to our ministry team;
  • Information and referral;
  • Emergency relief assistance with electricity, gas and water bills.  
  • Any support or donations are always welcome. 
  • Financial donations to Hope Outreach program are tax deductible.
  • We welcome material donations (food, gift packs for the newborn etc.).
  • We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers. Please look at the volunteer section for further details.  

Hope Outreach program runs on Fridays during school terms. The program is held at 15 Park Road, Seven Hills, 2147 NSW.


Please note:

The times and services provided under this program have changed due to COVID-19 restrictions. We now run the service between 3.30pm and 5.00pm.


Only food hampers are provided at the above address and designated time. All other services can be accessed either online or via telephone.

For particular dates of program operation please call (02) 9624 8866


International Projects

Solar power project in Uganda

Regular and sustainable employment is critical to the growth and development of any community. With this goal in mind and in cooperation with local contacts, Community Care Inc. provided a standalone solar power system for a chicken farm in Ibanda, Uganda.


Proper refrigeration and lighting of the chicken runs were the main concerns for the farm owner Robert Tumuhimbise. The lighting in particular was of great importance, since the chickens feel insecure at night and in desperation crowd on top of each other which can result in deaths. Thus far, Robert had relied on kerosene to provide lighting, but this option turned out too expensive. The new solar power system is cost-effective and efficient; it solves both the lighting and refrigeration concerns.


This amazing project was 12 months in the making. The unit deployed was built and tested in Sydney by a renewable energy engineering company Living Power. A special crate was built for the unit transportation, taking approximately 6 months to arrive at the final site in Uganda.


In May 2014 an engineer sent by Living Power had arrived in Uganda and completed the project with the assistance of local labour. The cost reduction achieved through the use of the new power system now enables Robert Tumuhimbise to expand his local workforce and help sustain the local economy.


Classrooms in South Africa

The Footprints P.L.A.Y. Rainbow Education Centre in Lanseria, South Africa aims to provide orphaned and deprived children access to a national curriculum-based teaching programme. Part of this overall endeavour was fundraising for the construction of classrooms for the children of Footprints P.L.A.Y. and disadvantaged children in the wider community.


Community Care Incorporated contributed financially to this project, by raising approximately $ 20,000.  Local community networks oversaw the construction of classrooms, amenities and essential plumbing works. Two buildings have been erected housing four classrooms with enough room to teach 60 pupils. The project is now completed and the classrooms fully functional.  

Other International Projects

Community Care Incorporated had over the years initiated many other projects designed to improve circumstances and living conditions in certified developing countries.

Overall aim of these projects had been infrastructure building and local workforce training including:  

  • Solar power installation; solar energy water pumping system setup;
  • Remote area power and water filtration setup for temporary refugee camps;
  • Carpentry training program;
  • Basic nutrition and speech pathology training for school teachers.
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